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The association "OLL MUVI is located in Molfetta, without exaggeration, the most beautiful town in the world for those who were born and for those who, for many different reasons have had the great fortune to live for a short period of time. Surely, Molfetta, like all the other towns' in the world, has its negative sides, but thanks to the liveliness' of its people, the ability 'to fall and rise again and the stubbornness' of its inhabitants it makes Molfetta a unique town. We say that where ever you go you'll always find a piece of Molfetta somewhere.

For this I LOVE MOLFETTA invites all its web visitors to come and meet us. It just takes a few days to fall in love with the town. This town is like a woman or a man that enters your blood, perhaps it makes you suffer, it tears your soul, but you just can't live without it.

Molfetta is an important fishing center, and it is only a handful of kilometers away from the north of Bari. It has an old town centre kept well and recently restored. It is continuosly expanding infact in the last decades there have been numerous zones of expansion to the point that the town has grown four times more in half a century. It has an ancient history infact human traces of settlement going back to the prehistoric age, were found. According to some sources "Molfetta a was flourishing center under the Svevis, the Angioini and the Aragoneses. It was a boarding harbour towards the holy Land, and shelter for the Venetian ships of the Serenissima one and as well those of Ragusa, in Dalmatia. Even amalfitani merchants, Slavic and Greek built lodges and warehouses. During Charles of Bourbon's reign the town went through a flourishing period of political and economic stability. Umberto I set up an industrial development of big proportions. Also today Molfetta is at the center of a wide industrial area with important shopping centers. The town is a fertile background where talented people are helped emerge in every field.

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