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On 9th February, the festival in honor of San Corrado, patron saint of the city.

In Spring time during the Holy week, the statue of our Lady of Sorrows is taken around the streets of the town on Friday. During that day thousands of people follow the statue and enjoy listening to the funeral marches.

The atmosphere is renewed on Good Friday and Holy Saturday with the procession of the Mysteries at night and on Saturday.

On 11th May, the Feast of Our Lady of trmlizz with the pilgrimage of the worshippers of the Basilica of Our Madonna of Martyrs as a sign of gratitude for having saved the city from the earthquake of 11th May 1560.

In the first ten days of September, the International Conference Molfettesi living in every part of the world.
For almost thirty years, the International Association Molfettesi has been organizing a series of initiatives and a Grand Gala to welcome the molfettesi who decide to return in their home town for their holidays.

On 7th September the local government organizes Molfetta Day a day in which we celebrate all the emigrants in the world.

On 8th September, the feast in honor of The Madonna of the Martyrs with the festival at sea.

On 11th November, the feast of "San Martino" where people can taste frittelle and "young wine".

On December 4th and 5th a marketplace is organized where adults can buy special gifts on the stalls to be given to their children on the December 6th during San Nicola's Day.

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